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Q-Vet quickly analyzes 3rd-party mobile apps before deployment to employees and app stores.

Top Features

Fast, Accurate App Vetting

Based on Quokka’s industry-leading mobile app security testing methodologies, Q-Vet tests modern protected apps without needing to circumvent built-in app protections, increasing the accuracy of security and privacy insights and speeding the app vetting process. Nobody does it like us.

Validate Your Trusted Apps With Q-Vet

Ensure the security of the applications that you deploy for business use before they are added to your container, then protect your whole device by vetting the rest of the apps that could introduce vulnerabilities into your network. We like to be complete.

Flexible Licensing Structure

Quokka offers flexible licensing schemes to address your needs whether it be one or hundreds of apps for app vetting one-time or on an ongoing basis. We want to help, let us know how.

Allowlist and Blocklist Vetted Apps

Maintain an inventory of company-approved apps vetted by Q-Vet for allowed deployment to employees. Likewise, block any apps that do not meet corporate security standards. Keep track of the naughty list.

Industry and Corporate Standards Compliance

Vet your mobile apps to make sure they are in compliance with well-known industry standards such as NIAP, GDPR, HIPAA and your organization’s security standards. Sometimes, standards can be good for you.

Consistent and Reliable Mobile Application Assessment
Q-Vet is a mobile app vetting solution that gives deep insights into the security and privacy posture of any 3rd party app for pass/fail decision making before app deployment—without needing access to source code—to ensure the integrity of your enterprise network.
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Intelligent Cybersecurity Solutions Provider

ORCHA and Quokka Q-Vet help users
Unlock the Power of Digital Health

Digital healthcare holds the power to revolutionize how we treat patients. But this revolution comes with risk. Right now, there are over 350,000 health apps out there and only 20% meet safety standards.

The Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Apps (ORCHA) suite of products delivers a systematic approach to assessing and distributing digital health technologies into healthcare services, used by national bodies, healthcare providers, and digital health innovators in twelve countries across the world. ORCHA assess products against a broad range of criteria across clinical and professional assurance, data & privacy, and usability & accessibility. ORCHA uses Quokka Q-Vet during many its rigorous assessments when looking at data security.

ORCHA chose to partner with Quokka, as it wanted to work with a mobile application security company who understood the power of user and data privacy. Digital Health apps can cover a wide array of health conditions and patient needs, and with that comes very personal information and data. Quokka’s app vetting technology, Q-Vet, can assess these mobile applications in their final state, without needing to circumvent any built-in app protections, giving the most accurate assessment of application security than anyone else on the market.

Quokka’s partnership with ORCHA continues to ensure digital healthcare is a reliable, secure, and trustworthy source of personal health management for all.

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